Linux – Coolest Little Penguin on the Planet

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Linux - Coolest Little Penguin on the Planet
For this article I’m not going to deep dive, just open the topic.

I will tell you what it is – an operating systemWhen I write that, I get the feeling people think;                                                       “oh too difficult, I’m not a geek.” In fact its no different in functionality to windows                                                                             and far more robust.

                                                  How to get it – I personally have it on a bootable memory stick,

but you can burn it to CD/DVD…if your computer still has this function.

If not, get a five year old to help you.

I am currently using Linux Mint available here,

but there are lots of choices. 

Here is a cool thing – you can effectively run Linux straight out of the box.

 FirefoxVLC, Open Office and the rest are already bundled into the software.

                                   You can boot up and be online in 5 minutes.

                               Choose between encrypted (business secure) or normal – *easier for kids.

I have a 3 year old and a 7 year old.  They just want Youtube.


Once you’re started – open “Software Manager.”

Load up Chromium (the open source version of Chrome),

                                            Bleachbit (like CCleaner on windows) -“as used by Hillary Clinton”

and GIMP (don’t tell me you don’t know what GIMP is – free Photoshop)

or Blender (cool 3D graphics – free)

                                                     If you have windows programs you like, load up a virtual drive (free)

or use compatibility tool, Wine, to run windows software on Linux

– or go with dual boot – choosing either Linux, Mac or …

Windows on start up.

                                                            And that’s it!

                                        10 minutes from plugging in the computer.

                              I’m beginning to feel your attention wandering at this point,

so lets wrap for today.

#Linux #OS #OpenSource

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