Top Twitter Tips – Business reply to automated DMs

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Top Twitter Tips - Business reply to automated DMs

Twitter is a busy channel for most companies.  What it does very well is put instant data out there in the public domain.The downside is that people direct message (DM) or follow up with you on Twitter as a result. Many DMs fall into a category I would call “Twitter clutter.”

For active Twitter accounts (like this guy below), DMs fall out of favour as a contact channel, mainly because its hard to sort business customers from automated spam.

This means few businesses rely on Twitter messages to engage with active and/or potential customers, even though it is the first point of contact.

Yet, it is an open door…some may say a trapdoor:) Lets be a little objective, if you’re in sales and marketing (which I am) any opportunity to leverage access is useful. An unlocked “backdoor” may be the right way to “just say hi…I’m in the neighborhood.  Some of the best Twitter users unlock 🙂 the power of Twitter DMs in this informal, chatty way.

So what else is new, other than sales people want to sell..well Twitter is trying to improve its messaging service.

                                                  “Default Welcome Message”

We’re excited to announce two new features to create better conversational experiences between businesses and people on Twitter. Quick replies and welcome messages in Direct Messages make it easier for businesses to guide people to better outcomes through a combination of simple automation and human service.

These features are designed to help businesses create rich, responsive, full-service experiences that directly advance the work of customer service teams and open up new possibilities for how people engage with businesses on Twitter.

Twitter Blog


“If you’re a business that provides support in Direct Messages, you can set a default welcome message today in the support settings page of Twitter Dashboard to greet people when they start a conversation.

The developer APIs that power these features are currently in private beta. If you’re a developer and are interested in building these types of solutions in Direct Messages, you can sign up and apply for access here.”


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