Karting Newbie – “My name is Speed… Lightning McSpeed”

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Karting Newbie - "My name is Speed... Lightning McSpeed"

Karting offers an image of high speed, constant action, where testosterone tabbed teenagers, red bulled to the max, buffet each other to an illusionary scratching post.  The reality is a little more social – there is quite a lot of apres kart

While the elite level may be intense,  karting is wide open to the newcomer.  Your local track is as much a spectator arena as it is a crucible of competitiveness.  You might even get a nice meal in pleasant company, depending on who you drive with (my 7 year old is a terrible loser).

What to expect…

The first time round is the normal registration stuff. Staff guide you through the mechanisms of starting and stopping . You familiarize yourself with the feel. You get settled in. You’re told not to press the accelerator and brake at the same time and wear your hard hat. They show you some flags, which all seem to mean slow down for various reasons.

The first lap itself is a learning curve (no pun intended:). You push a little, get rewarded or chastened depending on your characteristic risk levels – but you learn and grow quickly.  In a few laps you are cutting the apex, spinning the back end and hard braking.

There is a world outside the wall of your local kart track, where hand eye coordination  is a valuable tool (even if the only thing you drive is your wife crazy).  When dealing with the competitive instinct of others wishing to zip in front of you is called business logic and where the race is always on.  You will also meet middle aged people in overly tight suits who trumpet the fact that have bottled Ayrton Senna’s DNA, making them the racing equivalent of Steve Jobs.

Karting is an very effective metaphor for life; there is always someone faster than you and it’s never very far from the pits – so enjoy the experience while you can.

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