Democracy Dies in Darkness

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Democracy Dies in Darkness

While Don Quixote and his Sancho Panza have been talking fake currencies, real news has been happening elsewhere.

By Bruce Schneier January 25


“For over a decade, civil libertarians have been fighting government mass surveillance of innocent Americans over the Internet. We’ve just lost an important battle. On Jan. 18, when President Trump signed the renewal of Section 702, domestic mass surveillance became effectively a permanent part of U.S. law.”

“Today, when a law enforcement agency uses evidence found in this NSA database to arrest someone, it doesn’t have to disclose that fact in court. It can reconstruct the evidence in some other manner once it knows about it, and then pretend it learned of it that way. ”

“When your home, car and body are awash in sensors, privacy from both governments and corporations will become increasingly important. Sooner or later, society will reach a tipping point where it’s all too much. When that happens, we’re going to see significant pushback against surveillance of all kinds.”

“This problem exists primarily because Internet companies collect and retain so much personal data and allow it to be sent across the network with minimal security. Since the government has abdicated its responsibility to protect our privacy and security, these companies need to step up: Minimize data collection. Don’t save data longer than absolutely necessary. Encrypt what has to be saved.”

Any catalogue must include at least these four items:

  • the monetisation of propaganda as ‘fake news’;
  • the use of machine learning to develop user profiles accurately measuring and modelling our emotional states;
  • the rise of neuromarketing, targeting highly tailored messages that nudge us to act in ways serving the ends of others;
  • a new technology, ‘augmented reality’, which will push us to sever all links with the evidence of our senses.

These four strands meet in a tangled nexus of technology and capital…

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