Adventure Therapy is Mainstream

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Why Adventure Therapy is Mainstream

Why Adventure Therapy is Mainstream

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on April 19, 2016 at 8:50 AM

I’m republishing a few Adventure Therapy Ireland articles that might be of interest to a wider audience.  In this one the writing is good and the main premise remains true.  Possibly not the best thing to read on a Monday morning though 😉 – Enjoy the week!

Adventure Therapy has been around for a while, possibly back to the time that Neanderthal man felt a need to spend quality time outside the cave.

Rolling back to vision quests, spiritual awakening on the sides of mountains, wise hermits and solitude may not be where most people are at, but there is a growing awareness that time tied to technology has grown exponentially. It is now possible to watch canned news in the morning, diet on desk work for eight hours and enjoy reheated microwave meals in the evening without having a single interaction with nature, aside from an occasional trip to the bathroom.

So let me sell you something (for free); nature costs you nothing, but gives you everything you require to live, even the plastics and metals you are surrounded by. Irish Water may charge you for using their pipes, but they don’t produce the natural product. Your Doctor gives you pills to help your ‘issue’, but the pills themselves usually come from some form of greenery. You might see where I am getting at here, so I’ll leave a few open spaces.

Your body requires exercise to function effectively, to increase range of motion, bone density and oxygenation of your blood supply, which in turn increases your mental agility, increases the ‘happy hormones’ in your body, multiplies the effectiveness of your effort and (possibly) makes you feel better about yourself. A walk, roll or stroll in nature will be cheaper than the gym and more beneficial than the psychiatrist’s couch. You might even meet some interesting people, in person.

Which brings me nicely to another point, technology is very solipsistic. The more time we spend on technology the more sure we are that we need newer technology to do essentially the same as before, only quicker. You may disagree with this statement, but I remember that the great goal of tech was to free us from tedium, not be shackled to it. The tedium still remains, but is now of a different kind. The promised leisure time and abundance has not yet arrived. The more “i” time we spend, the less “we” time we save. Less real social connection, as opposed to ‘virtual’ connections through the screen of wifi, whatsapp or viber.

My guess is that people have an intuitive understanding that all is not right with our social model. It can be changed, its not cast in stone, y’know!  Somewhere in the core of humanity rests a beating heart and a love of wildness and nature. While in his pocket may lie a calculator, s/he is still a visceral, emotional, creature. Emotions are key to how we relate to ourselves, others and the planet. Not trying to be too grandiose here, but keeping connected with the nature inside us might be the best way to save the nature outside of us.

I am going to leave you today with one handy tip. Spend time in nature and you will save your pocket money. Leave the car in the garage, turn off the telly, get off the couch and go outside. You don’t need fancy shoes or the core tex, omniplex, pimplex, duplex, southface, four season, tog 30 romper suit. A positive attitude and willingness to try new things (or even old things long forgotten), may be all you need.

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