Your HR Team needs a HM Team

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Your HR Team needs a HM Team

                                            “HM” refers to hiring management.

(It might also tip a hat to the high co-efficiency of women within human resources)

If you are in the industry you know why; generational shift, changing work patterns, the speed of change, globalization and recruitment being stretched by competing demands. If you are in the business you know that the game is now “talent management and “talent acquisition”

Talent is a nebulous term, essentially meaning doing what you do and doing it well. Talent can hit the ground running, fully conversant with the tools of the trade and exhibit an ability to make the company better than it was before. As in sports, talent is something which is seen as innate, developed before you come to the current stage. Talent is more often bought, than made.

We know that this generation moves jobs far more rapidly and that job roles are in flux, based on market demand for new skill-sets. We know that globalization and multilingualism has made much of the traditional HR workload more complex.

This is the dynamic storm that is playing out across jobs boards and websites, as “recruiters wanted” posters go up around the world, like kite-surfers screaming out into heavy swell at the beginning of the season.

The hunt follows the school season, when universities and colleges reconvene, showing that the pattern shift is dynamic, focused and infused with realpolitik. It is lead, out of necessity by IT and high-tech companies, whose constant search for talent powers the engine room of technological progression.

The second aspect of this “happening” is that it is in real-time, powered by data, analytics, virtual and personal networks, media and connectivity. Social media is the driver, delivering the global network, research and communication tools with a speed unmatched in human history.

The contract offer usually specifies a six month term. This shows a pragmatic approach to hiring hirers, with resource managers looking to bridge a gap between seasonal patterns and yearly budgets.  Showing also that companies have left it to the usual moment to begin the search.

What we can say is that in a world of increasing complexity, companies are doubling down on talent search. Retaining outside agencies for the deep trawling, while hunting down the best that there is in the recruiting sector for the long term.

Three conclusions could be drawn. Technology, network and mobility are the key drivers of this change.  Big companies are leading the charge, due to an insatiable thirst for the brightest, the quickest and the best.  Business is adapting to a changing need by bolting on the network connections, flexibility and heavy calibre, of a hired gun.

Written by Don Philpott

Cross posted from Linkedin – before they shut down the Publisher option completely.

Originally posted on (5 Sept 2014)

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