Tools For a Connected World. The story

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The biggest evolution in computer technology is not the silicon chip, neither the internet, it is the humble icon – the pointing stick for a connected world.

Moving from soldering wires and text input to visual and verbal cues and tools, means that people, as simple as I am, can use complicated electronics intuitively.  ​Fed up of listening to me talk, let me show you…
Tools For a Connected World. The story

The mission is simple – take out the text based middle man.


You may not know that Maps is a powerhouse search tool, combining navigation with real world data, analytics and customization tools. Google Maps is also a big time player in the ad world, because the Google Maps app localizes your use. Maps is well funded, driving product evolution and drawing knowledge from synergistic teams like tango andStreetView.

You can upload your real world imagery to Google Maps, build interaction with those images and map services onto this matrix. A point of convergence that I discussed in this article a few years ago.

That nice lady that gives you directions is ready to book your reservation and take your order, tell the kitchen you’d like it rare and that you’re currently stuck in traffic three miles away.


Our company is capable of doing amazing stuff, not because its technically mind bending, but in terms of what can now be done with a click, flick, scroll or sound.

“New Media has become a synonym for no budget”
Seth Godin (Purple Cow)

Maps is free, but you pay back heavily in terms of information. The amount of data collected and its value to vendors is well known.  But, what you get is “almost” a remote control for life – an augmented reality machine.

“The ability to collect, analyze, triangulate and visualize vast amounts of data in real time is something the human race has never had before.”

Rick Smolan

Use the power of maps effectively and your only limitation is battery life – use the force (wisely).

*Bonus Tip  “Google Translate isn’t strictly an AR app, but it does have one AR feature that’s incredibly useful for translating text. That particular feature is part of the app’s camera mode. Simply snap a photo of the text you don’t understand, and the app will translate the text in your photo in real time.”


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