Instagram… as a visual automation hub?

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Instagram... as a visual automation hub? Instagram is familiar to most business people as a top branding tool. But it can also be used as an easy and functional automation tool for an individual or team. You will need a few extra features.

One of those  is insta – manager chrome extension. This is a desktop uploader.

The other is the useful pinterest pin button chrome extension.

The hack is to keep your Instagram posts below 500 characters. Pinterest will then accept your instagram text as a pin text descriptor, without any messy editing.

Add your url (call to action)

Multiple #hashtags put your brand in front of more than just your core audience. You can use up to 30.


Your Pinterest account should already be connected to your other key channels with

Lets say you use this sequence…instagram to pinterest, pinterest to twitter, pinterest to facebook, instagram to tumblr, instagram to linkedin.

You have now automatically sent your visual branding to 6 channels. If you want to use the same posts later or use a different combination of text/url/hashtags, its just as easy to edit your post before redistributing it (from Pinterest).


There are many ways to add followers on Instagram. You can choose up to 7500 followers without follow back issues. There are also chrome extensions available for completely automated follow/like/comment/unfollow. One of the best is AutoInsta


The key to getting your branding right is to develop a plan prior to posting your content.

A desktop uploader is far more effective than a mobile device, as it allows you to use the superlative abilities of (or photoshop, if you prefer) to develop nicely branded, filtered and sized posts in a sequence that develops your story.

So, there you have it. Instagram can also be viewed in logged out (public) mode.  Your branded shop window display is open 24/7 We find this really useful; being able to repost a client’s content across channels without needing their login.

Here’s  one we set up this month…


*Automate posting images and content across channels using IFTTT and Pinterest button

*Develop a brand and design strategy with Canva or Photshop/GIMP

*Grow followers with automated chrome extensions

* Add multiple hashtags to widen potential audience


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