The Eagle Has Landed – Visual Search Just Got Invaded By Fishermen.

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The Eagle Has Landed - Visual Search Just Got Invaded By Fishermen.

I read a good book, actually listened to a good book, this week… the $100 dollar startup by Chris Guillebeau 

A key premise to “profitability” was an anecdote; show a man how to fish and lose the sale. The illustration went like this (pardon the ideological theft) …You go to a nice restaurant and order the fish, settle in, get comfortable and wait. Soon-after the chef comes from the kitchen and says: “OK, want to help me cook this fish?”

You wouldn’t be pleased, would you? You are paying for a different experience, an opportunity to unwind, relax and feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are paying a premium for service and quality.

Something similar is presented by Walter Issacson in the biography of Steve Jobs; “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – the apple mantra.” The less the customer has to do, the better.

OK,…the point! I want the BeBee experience to be good, but I’m someone who would be happy to go to the kitchen and watch the chef cook. A tinkerer, an amateur, someone who wants to know whats under the hood.  Most people aren’t, it seems.  So, with that that in mind prepare to learn how to fish

Prologue: I started working on Virtual Tours as the UK coordinator for the Google Maps Business View program. After about two days I figured that (if done right) this had to be “the next big thing…”

Visual — Integrative — Immersive (deeply flavoured, layered and very fresh). I could show you…

Here’s the fish presented on different fine crockery; (Freshly Caught) (Lifeless) (Surprisingly Appetizing) (Tasty) (Full Flavoured)

Today you can create, upload and watch 360s and panoramas on your mobile phone-free! You can even watch in full Virtual Reality mode.

Using the StreetView App you upload your tours to Google Maps, making the virtual real — and searchable.

Your online presence is far more tangible, and tasty. hosts, customizes and adds functionality to tours and 360 video.

Google — Your tour is hosted on Google Maps, Google Search, Blogger, G+ Business page or website. There are no hosting cost or monthly fees – do it (free) from your own phone.


Virtual Tours – The Benefits.

Increased visibility and interactivity – shake your moneymaker!

Customized online presence – real imagineering

Give your customers “the experience” – elegant dining for a party of 6 Billion.

We are taking giant technical leaps here – visual search just got interesting.



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