Customer Service Interaction Skills

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Customer Service Interaction Skills  

A few years ago I was working for the No.1 name in customer service skillz among fortune 500 companies as one of their outsourced call handlers.  I actually liked the job and the customers who called in with their mixed bag of issues, complaints and ideas.

Being a proper type A personality some of the tips and tricks actually stuck.  I became highly regarded for my call handling skills, which were all thanks to a guy called Niko De Jonghe, who happened previously to work for Microsoft on their X box account and who later became my boss in a different company.

A thing I’ve noticed is that not so many people are using BeBee for “Slideshare” type topics.   Slideshare was always a good way to find condensed informative PowerPoint type stuff.  Even if you were a pro in your area, it would have juicy tidbits and good topic structure to hang your own presentations and briefings from.

Before being bought by Linkedin, Slideshare was a repository for some really good ideas. It still has good content, but it loses relevance behind the Microsoft banner. It exists on linkedin, but you’d need eagle eyes and supreme detective work to find the right icon for it. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever plagiarized has come from Slideshare. Maybe this is a type of giving back.

Feel free to copy/paste any of this if it is useful for your needs. If not, don’t worry…I’ve got more, much more 🙂

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