Your Facebook Business Page – Get Results!

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Your Facebook Business Page - Get Results!

We are starting from the viewpoint that you already have a personal Facebook profile.  If you don’t, here is the link.

Having a Facebook Business page gives you global visibility. A business page allows you to show promotional content and sell your brand.

I prefer not to dumb down this article too much, in an effort to advance key benefits for Facebook business users – so lets keep the balance.  If there are good links, we will add those as referral points, like this one.


Pauline Cabrera discusses “Woobox” Apps. 

Woobox makes it easy to share social content on your Facebook pages by linking your themed social profiles or pages.

Woobox allows you to customize the way your content appears on Facebook. Worth having a look. Its a very flexible app.

Note: You can only change your vanity URL once.

Facebook owns Instagram so sharing from Instagram to Facebook is easy.  You can also add Facebook followers to Instagram.

“You can share directly from the Instagram app by clicking “Share” and choosing Facebook from the menu. A photo borrows your original caption, so no need to write a new one. also offers an Instagram/Facebook option.

Pagemodo offers free and paid custom tabs. You can have 1 tab for free.

We use our one for branding, but you can customize designs to your own requirements, add competitions, build a mini site, offer promotions, etc.

From the preceding sections you may feel that we didn’t do a good job of explaining exactly how to optimize Facebook for business – or display the information in a coherent manner.

I actually considered that criticism before writing the article :). Facebook is Cluttered.This article follows a “show them how it performs” rather than “rip out the engine”approach. Thus the post modern styling option.

Facebook can be used in many different ways, depending on your particular social or selling requirements.  Like the family car, it can be comfortable and beige or ripped and racey.

Lance 🐝 Scoular wrote a fine article on using “social media triangulation” (I know, it sounds like new agey marketing bullshit, but…). The principle is founded on the hard fact that different platforms do very different things.

” …I determined I could build my LinkedIn business network by suggesting that people from Twitter friend me atFacebook and send me an invitation to connect with me at LinkedIn.

Lance Scouler

For us Facebook drives traffic to our main site. Pages and posting reflect this objective. Here are recent stats from

For business customers, Facebook can be a mish-mash of different options, opinions and opportunities.  Setup really depends on your bespoke needs, requirements and objectives.

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