Growth Driven Design – Re imagining Web 3.0

Is it now possible to put all of this online, in a form that is accessible to everyone on your team?

Don Philpott☘️ in, IT - Information Technology, Digital MarketingOk! Think “Web.” You think web designer, geeks, techies.  A closed loop, you on the outside looking in with no control.

I actually have a pertinent example. I once worked with a graphic designer who told me he never worked with “wire frames.” I had no choice but to bite my lip, wait four weeks, view interminable back and forth edits, updates and changes. He made money – I made zilch. The boss neither knew what we did, nor cared enough to query the results.

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Look around you. Where is the local bookshop, the post office, the betting office, the bank safe? Anything that used to be communicated across print has gone online.

Where are your rolodex, business card boxes, address book, files, press clippings, ledgers and folders?

Taking those ideas together lets look at a point of convergence.

Your business is sales, marketing, customer support, hr, production and after sales.  Is it now possible to put all of this online, in a form that is accessible to everyone on your team?

Yes, it is.

Could your website be more than a shiny online brochure? Could it be your No.1 sales person?

Yes. it can. It works 24/7.

This a paradigm shift. You can now, with no coding knowledge, develop an online “presence,” This presence can be accessed by numerous members of your team, your public and your developer.

Your marketing guy can build white papers, tech spec. notes and downloads, adding them directly. Sales can call on a VOIP that records each interaction and contact. Your HR can post jobs and accept replies.

You add customer access points, communication channels and bolt on extra features that accurately map the real world to the virtual sphere. You get real time behavioral data, user preferences and requirements.

Don Philpott☘️ in, IT - Information Technology, Digital Marketing2

It requires a fundamental change in thinking.

In traditional web design the launch of a website marks the end of the process. In growth driven design it is the exact opposite. The launch is simply the starting point.

Luke Summerfield,

The thinking begins with strategy, then builds out to a basic, but functional design and later maps your organisational functionalities on top. The format is very different to the previous model of web building. Before, you built or outsourced to a team to build a static site. That team built an artefact and it remains pretty much static and immobile, bar some blog posts, updates or Christmas messages -usually done by the developer in a silo methodology.

There is also a technical shift, the modern CMS (content management system). The most familiar example is WordPress, a system that grew organically from a blogging platform. In principle it’s a repository for content of all types, a database and production facility, but the concept itself can be much bigger.

The third element of this mix is the virtualization of global teams. Most modern companies begin globally and grow local, rather than the opposite trajectory. The web has meant that everyone is connected to your product from day 1. If your website is global, then it follows that flexible, mobile design cannot devolve back to one person as gatekeeper – you must democratize the platform, widen access and build in nodal functionalities.

Look at my pals in Google – virtual documents, capable of being shared, edited and downloaded. The same flexible qualities will give your customer access to the right information he or she needs without a gatekeeper, a secretary or a receptionist.

Don Philpott☘️ in, IT - Information Technology, Digital Marketing4

The final point is data. Once your data points are coming from so many sources, one person simply cannot log all the data. The inverse is also true – to retrieve useful chunks of information requires users to have the ability to segment, distill and download the right information for them and their specific needs.

The final note is that better data provokes better analysis, trending and projections – this is where web 3.0 can become iterative, agile and responsive. We are moving to a new model here, no longer neanderthal, much more sleek and adaptive.

Once all this comes together you can build a customized, user-centric platform with multiple use strategies. In fact its collaboration, communication, abundance and personalisation…a potent mix.

So what am I selling? As usual, just information.

Don Philpott☘️ in, IT - Information Technology, Digital Marketing5

Hubspot is a key player in this philosophy of inbound marketing, overarching data management, integrated CMS, continuous optimization and training. They don’t want to pitch to you, they want to educate you. (This is where my business goals converge with their’s.)

This is the Free Gift section!

Hubspot offers a free fully functional CRM – up to 1 million contacts

They offer many useful free templates.

They offer excellent certificate courses – one I recommend for BeBee users is…

They offer a myriad of free tools

They offer a detailed resource library

The offer e-books on many topics

Maybe they put it better themselves…

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