Don Philpott asks: “What is the point of long form content?”

Choice has multiplied. We source from a global marketplace. Our key tool is a search engine.

Probably a fundamental question. Lets look at some of the reasoning behind it.

There has been a dramatic twist in the buying proposition. Choice has multiplied. We source from a global marketplace. Our key tool is a search engine. The buyer is empowered and does his/her own research.

One of the ways we search is through keywords. As most major keywords on a topic will be “owned” by major players in that industry, we carve out a niche through utilizing different versions of “long chain” keywords, domain authority (how reputable we are), recommendations (shares) and social proof (social channels).

You may have noticed that BeBee is a top tool for SEO. You haven’t!

It is.


Why it is, is due to that “engagement” factor that many are quick to dismiss, while looking for a better, faster, bike. Remember that Linkedin or Fakebook didn’t start out as industry leaders.

Even today Facebook leverages personal connections to keep you hooked – while they sell you the uncut smack of paid advertising. Linkedin is still just a glorified Rolodex, whatever the minions might say.


900 (1)

While on the topic of BeBee…

What is happening organically is that people are commenting, sharing and posting good quality content + developing their own personal domain authority on top of a global platform of users.

You are creating a very thin, but very widely networked, domain authority that morphs quickly into a personal brand. @Phil comes to mind, as does @Randall and JM ™

The beauty of this model is that while everyone is quick to look for monetization, quick fixes and more functionality, the behemoth (Google) looks at it as a golden egg of unparalleled pulchritude.

Lets unpack why, very quickly…(I know most of you glaze over at tech stuff).

Using natural language
Addressing the search topic directly
Good grammar – legible, logical, useful to searchers
Long Tail Keywords – long form content
Alt Text in Images – search-able images
External links – reposting to other channels
Internal links – shares
User experience on mobile – cleaner user experience than FB, Ln, G+
Navigation – navigation on different devices between profile, content, likes, comments and short form entries is good
Social Proof – engagement. Think of content as the fire and distribution as fanning the flame… you want it hot!

In the internet “space is unlimited.” To a degree, so are channels. You’re not fighting for space – you’re fighting for attention, so consistent quality is important.

So, if you publish regularly (branding), you may notice your Google ranking creeping up.
The second point is that the people doing the writing are often well regarded in their own domain. When they write on that topic, within a social network of similarly “cool” people, there is an aggregated effect.

In effect its Google saying that BeBee has “intelligent ambient noise,” rather than the non sequitur comments on YouTube (for example). It is actually the secret sauce of “personal branding” – it does what it says on the tin!

Always finish with a for instance when the premise is unproven.


My competition for page 1 on Google is a 100 book author, of the same name, who just happens to work with those nice “Insecurity People.” As a result, we fight hard (not often fairly) for the premium positions. BeBee has been a potent weapon in keeping this particular wolf at bay – it has a painful sting in the {long} tail : ).

900 (3)

In fact, for a few days Noam Chomsky came up as “me” in Google image search. MIT may not have been happy.


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