Growth Driven Design – Re imagining Web 3.0

Is it now possible to put all of this online, in a form that is accessible to everyone on your team?

Don Philpott☘️ in, IT - Information Technology, Digital MarketingOk! Think “Web.” You think web designer, geeks, techies.  A closed loop, you on the outside looking in with no control.

I actually have a pertinent example. I once worked with a graphic designer who told me he never worked with “wire frames.” I had no choice but to bite my lip, wait four weeks, view interminable back and forth edits, updates and changes. He made money – I made zilch. The boss neither knew what we did, nor cared enough to query the results.

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Look around you. Where is the local bookshop, the post office, the betting office, the bank safe? Anything that used to be communicated across print has gone online.

Where are your rolodex, business card boxes, address book, files, press clippings, ledgers and folders?

Taking those ideas together lets look at a point of convergence.

Your business is sales, marketing, customer support, hr, production and after sales.  Is it now possible to put all of this online, in a form that is accessible to everyone on your team?

Yes, it is.

Could your website be more than a shiny online brochure? Could it be your No.1 sales person?

Yes. it can. It works 24/7.

This a paradigm shift. You can now, with no coding knowledge, develop an online “presence,” This presence can be accessed by numerous members of your team, your public and your developer.

Your marketing guy can build white papers, tech spec. notes and downloads, adding them directly. Sales can call on a VOIP that records each interaction and contact. Your HR can post jobs and accept replies.

You add customer access points, communication channels and bolt on extra features that accurately map the real world to the virtual sphere. You get real time behavioral data, user preferences and requirements.

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It requires a fundamental change in thinking.

In traditional web design the launch of a website marks the end of the process. In growth driven design it is the exact opposite. The launch is simply the starting point.

Luke Summerfield,

The thinking begins with strategy, then builds out to a basic, but functional design and later maps your organisational functionalities on top. The format is very different to the previous model of web building. Before, you built or outsourced to a team to build a static site. That team built an artefact and it remains pretty much static and immobile, bar some blog posts, updates or Christmas messages -usually done by the developer in a silo methodology.

There is also a technical shift, the modern CMS (content management system). The most familiar example is WordPress, a system that grew organically from a blogging platform. In principle it’s a repository for content of all types, a database and production facility, but the concept itself can be much bigger.

The third element of this mix is the virtualization of global teams. Most modern companies begin globally and grow local, rather than the opposite trajectory. The web has meant that everyone is connected to your product from day 1. If your website is global, then it follows that flexible, mobile design cannot devolve back to one person as gatekeeper – you must democratize the platform, widen access and build in nodal functionalities.

Look at my pals in Google – virtual documents, capable of being shared, edited and downloaded. The same flexible qualities will give your customer access to the right information he or she needs without a gatekeeper, a secretary or a receptionist.

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The final point is data. Once your data points are coming from so many sources, one person simply cannot log all the data. The inverse is also true – to retrieve useful chunks of information requires users to have the ability to segment, distill and download the right information for them and their specific needs.

The final note is that better data provokes better analysis, trending and projections – this is where web 3.0 can become iterative, agile and responsive. We are moving to a new model here, no longer neanderthal, much more sleek and adaptive.

Once all this comes together you can build a customized, user-centric platform with multiple use strategies. In fact its collaboration, communication, abundance and personalisation…a potent mix.

So what am I selling? As usual, just information.

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Hubspot is a key player in this philosophy of inbound marketing, overarching data management, integrated CMS, continuous optimization and training. They don’t want to pitch to you, they want to educate you. (This is where my business goals converge with their’s.)

This is the Free Gift section!

Hubspot offers a free fully functional CRM – up to 1 million contacts

They offer many useful free templates.

They offer excellent certificate courses – one I recommend for BeBee users is…

They offer a myriad of free tools

They offer a detailed resource library

The offer e-books on many topics

Maybe they put it better themselves…

Don Philpott asks: “What is the point of long form content?”

Choice has multiplied. We source from a global marketplace. Our key tool is a search engine.

Probably a fundamental question. Lets look at some of the reasoning behind it.

There has been a dramatic twist in the buying proposition. Choice has multiplied. We source from a global marketplace. Our key tool is a search engine. The buyer is empowered and does his/her own research.

One of the ways we search is through keywords. As most major keywords on a topic will be “owned” by major players in that industry, we carve out a niche through utilizing different versions of “long chain” keywords, domain authority (how reputable we are), recommendations (shares) and social proof (social channels).

You may have noticed that BeBee is a top tool for SEO. You haven’t!

It is.


Why it is, is due to that “engagement” factor that many are quick to dismiss, while looking for a better, faster, bike. Remember that Linkedin or Fakebook didn’t start out as industry leaders.

Even today Facebook leverages personal connections to keep you hooked – while they sell you the uncut smack of paid advertising. Linkedin is still just a glorified Rolodex, whatever the minions might say.


900 (1)

While on the topic of BeBee…

What is happening organically is that people are commenting, sharing and posting good quality content + developing their own personal domain authority on top of a global platform of users.

You are creating a very thin, but very widely networked, domain authority that morphs quickly into a personal brand. @Phil comes to mind, as does @Randall and JM ™

The beauty of this model is that while everyone is quick to look for monetization, quick fixes and more functionality, the behemoth (Google) looks at it as a golden egg of unparalleled pulchritude.

Lets unpack why, very quickly…(I know most of you glaze over at tech stuff).

Using natural language
Addressing the search topic directly
Good grammar – legible, logical, useful to searchers
Long Tail Keywords – long form content
Alt Text in Images – search-able images
External links – reposting to other channels
Internal links – shares
User experience on mobile – cleaner user experience than FB, Ln, G+
Navigation – navigation on different devices between profile, content, likes, comments and short form entries is good
Social Proof – engagement. Think of content as the fire and distribution as fanning the flame… you want it hot!

In the internet “space is unlimited.” To a degree, so are channels. You’re not fighting for space – you’re fighting for attention, so consistent quality is important.

So, if you publish regularly (branding), you may notice your Google ranking creeping up.
The second point is that the people doing the writing are often well regarded in their own domain. When they write on that topic, within a social network of similarly “cool” people, there is an aggregated effect.

In effect its Google saying that BeBee has “intelligent ambient noise,” rather than the non sequitur comments on YouTube (for example). It is actually the secret sauce of “personal branding” – it does what it says on the tin!

Always finish with a for instance when the premise is unproven.


My competition for page 1 on Google is a 100 book author, of the same name, who just happens to work with those nice “Insecurity People.” As a result, we fight hard (not often fairly) for the premium positions. BeBee has been a potent weapon in keeping this particular wolf at bay – it has a painful sting in the {long} tail : ).

900 (3)

In fact, for a few days Noam Chomsky came up as “me” in Google image search. MIT may not have been happy.


Pinteresting – Don’t You Think?

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Pinteresting - Don't You Think?

                                         Why have 150 Pinterest Boards?

Pinterest is a powerful SEO tool with big advantages for brand building over more popular “in crowd’ siblings, Instagram and Snapchat. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

The power of visuals.

                                           Pinterest is a Visual “Search Engine”

Collaborative Boards

                                           Highest Social Media Click Through Traffic Results
                                           Female Friendly – about products, not followers
                                           Integrative Platform
                                           “Business” version
                                           SEO Monster
                                           Secret Boards – save interesting content for later
                                           Re-purpose and reuse content
                                           Share boards, share pins, combine platforms
                                           Move, copy and edit pins across multiple boards… now, what can Snapchat do again?
#Visual #Marketing #Pinterest


SEO – Tools You Never Knew You Needed

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SEO - Tools You Never Knew You Needed

SEO suites may appear to be the romper suit of the uber-nerd, but they are fast becoming classic business couture. Here are a few I picked out for your casual wardrobe.

A chrome extension that shows you the matching underwear of your chosen site. Mozbar lets you see, at a glance, whether any site is wearing the right accessories.


“Digital Market Intelligence for Your Business”

Try on your favorite outfit, check exactly how much ‘engagement’ it gets. Compare it with another.

Go beyond ordinary Whois to discover the movers and shakers behind a domain name or IP. “Connect the dots,”discovering connections between domains, persons, organizations, IP, etc.”

“ is a tricky customer. You will need to scroll down to the end of the page or click our link button. Like Similarweb,  Alexa gives a broad overview of a site’s glamour and social butteriness”

“SEOquake is a powerful browser based tool that gives you swathes of information. It also references many of the tools above. 

Discover your SERP competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
Get detailed information about your back-links and much, much, more.”Analyze a webpage’s external and internal links
Discover any keyword’s difficulty level

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Linux – Coolest Little Penguin on the Planet

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Linux - Coolest Little Penguin on the Planet
For this article I’m not going to deep dive, just open the topic.

I will tell you what it is – an operating systemWhen I write that, I get the feeling people think;                                                       “oh too difficult, I’m not a geek.” In fact its no different in functionality to windows                                                                             and far more robust.

                                                  How to get it – I personally have it on a bootable memory stick,

but you can burn it to CD/DVD…if your computer still has this function.

If not, get a five year old to help you.

I am currently using Linux Mint available here,

but there are lots of choices. 

Here is a cool thing – you can effectively run Linux straight out of the box.

 FirefoxVLC, Open Office and the rest are already bundled into the software.

                                   You can boot up and be online in 5 minutes.

                               Choose between encrypted (business secure) or normal – *easier for kids.

I have a 3 year old and a 7 year old.  They just want Youtube.


Once you’re started – open “Software Manager.”

Load up Chromium (the open source version of Chrome),

                                            Bleachbit (like CCleaner on windows) -“as used by Hillary Clinton”

and GIMP (don’t tell me you don’t know what GIMP is – free Photoshop)

or Blender (cool 3D graphics – free)

                                                     If you have windows programs you like, load up a virtual drive (free)

or use compatibility tool, Wine, to run windows software on Linux

– or go with dual boot – choosing either Linux, Mac or …

Windows on start up.

                                                            And that’s it!

                                        10 minutes from plugging in the computer.

                              I’m beginning to feel your attention wandering at this point,

so lets wrap for today.

#Linux #OS #OpenSource

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Rain off the Starboard Bow

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Rain off the Starboard Bow

One fine Autumn day I had a group to take on a sailing trip round Cobh harbour.

Weather was fine at 9.00 am, but forecasts threatened squalls later in the day.

The westerly wind would then push wind against tide and change conditions markedly from the flat calm of morning.

We spent a good hour checking communications, first aid kits and detailing a compact sailing area, before getting dressed to go out.

At the appointed time three polished young gentlemen, of around 15 years old, drew up to the slipway. Casting about for their chauffeur for the day, they carried an unmistakable whiff of privilege. On seeing their man, they seemed mildly amused by sun bleached oilskins and a woolly cap.

Questions were thrown;  is the bung in… the painter and anchor tied off, first aid kit, bucket and sponge in the boat? The looks from all three said …”but that’s yourjob!”

The response was; “lads till its done, we’re going nowhere. I expect to see the anchor rope flaked and coiled back in the bucket, reef-lines checked on the main sail and everything tied in. I’ll be back to check your life jackets in five minutes.”

A hurried conference elicited a stubbed but positive response.  Five minutes later a surly crew departed the slip in a shipshape state.

The reins were passed with a breezy: “She’s yours now. Try and avoid the passenger ferries.”  Three young crewmen settled into a nice rhythm, two rotating sail handling, alternating on the steering every ten minutes or so.

Soon enough, wind and waves picked up. Frothy foam drew dark streaks across the harbour.  Boat became smaller, Sea bigger.  Shoots of fear ran through the boat.  The eyes of the sailors more often met the face of the instructor.  

It was decided to anchor up on the back of Spike island and reduce sail. Battening noise, grey water and slapping sailcloth brought distant echoes of the balmy morning on the pier.

After a time, tide eased and wind relented. Numb fingers took greater purchase, hauling hard on slathering ropes, against their will. Our wild, fretting, stallion morphed back slowly into the docile donkey we knew well.

All jobs done, sail shortened, boat and crew plodded home to brightening blue skies, balmy breeze and softening seas.

As one and the other young man set foot back on dry land, a palpable sense of change had occurred on that boat, that day.  All hands went to the boat to keep her off the jutting slipway.  Two men hurried, unasked, to get the trailer. Sails were dropped and gear stowed in silence.  Boat was washed down and lavished with care.

Although tired and sore the crew hauled as one to get the boat out and dried off. Afterwards, the lads, now dressed, showered and ready for the road home, took a wander over to the other boats tied up on the quay wall.

Easy conversation echoed in and out on the wind. Tales of rawbone ropes, banter, challenge met and courage found, filtered away as three pairs of feet drifted, as one, into the warm evening.


Who and what we choose to be is more often a test of our resilience and experience, rather than our optimism.

#AdventureTherapy #Philosophy #Psychology

20 Seconds to Change Your Reality -Yes, Really!

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20 Seconds to Change Your Reality -Yes, Really!

People of a certain age know what the “holodeck” within “Star Trek” is.

The “holodeck” was (potentially could be) a room in which a computer generated reality is interacted with – a virtual reality realization machine.

This tool, within the Star Trek universe was a key component of leisure, strategy and experiential knowledge gathering. A virtual space, much like an empty theater stage, but with computer generated interactive content.

I am strongly of the opinion that a Google Maps virtual tour used in a sufficiently agile way, begins to give some of this functionality. In much the same way that a computer game-world is anchored to reality through concept, semiotics and design, a virtual tour anchors a momentary reality in a virtual world-space.

Viewpoint, or virtual reality, depends solely on the viewer. A virtual tour realizes one moment in real-time within a virtual space. Retaining, like a fly in amber, the nuances of that moment. The (real world) moment itself cannot be changed, but our potential future (real) interactions with the digital copy of that moment can be unlimited.

I am also a fan of the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007), who defined in Simulacra and simulation (1981),  the simulacrum.”

In essence (a dangerous word) a simulacra is as real as any preceding reality, much more so in a virtualized world. Like “Schrodinger’s cat (1935),” there a many possible virtual realities, or from a user utility view point, functionalities, of a virtual tour.

At a basic level, we are now able to build and scale replica realities, interact with visualized content, develop screen in screen utility, and stitch multi channel communication into the tapestry of a virtual tour. The tour (through directed perspective) becomes an immersive experience, catering to all our multi media and sensory channels.

Within the hyperlinked internet space it should be possible to map numerous schema onto any part of a digital image.

YouTube Advertising 30 sec. Video Clip

Interactive Maps

Interactive Video Sequences – Production Process

Integrated Production Floor 360° Virtual Tour

Screen in Screen – Overlays

High Quality “Point of Interest” Photos

YourJeep –  Video 

Shareable Content – Social Links

#AR – Augmented Reality #DM – Digital Marketing

Note. This is a reprint of a September 2015 article.  There has been significant evolution since then with potential convergence from Project Tango,  DeepMind and higher quality 360°